Kit List: Battlefield 4 - US Assault Class


17th Feb 2017

Kit List: Battlefield 4 - US Assault Class

Airsofters love to replicate some of their favourite games in their real life kit. In this ‘Kit List’ series, we’re looking at the gear and kit that goes into doing an accurate impression of the Battlefield 4 US Assault kit.

This loadout is a popular one for airsofters to do impressions on, as it’s a modern one. This means that there’s often a lot of reproduction parts and gear that can make this kit list attainable yet affordable.

Why "Bang Kills" don


28th Nov 2016

Why "Bang Kills" don't Work in Airsoft

Everybody has a “bang kill” story. You’ve either tried to give a bang kill or you’ve been hit by one yourself. They seem like a great idea in theory; it’s the opportunity to get someone at point blank without putting them through some quite real pain.

Whilst there’s absolutely no doubt that a successful bang kill leaves you feeling like a bad ass Rambo, the sad truth is that a successful bang kill is a rare bang kill.

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