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We are always searching for passionate distributors and retailers who are interested in selling our Abbey airsoft products - to become one of our valued partners - which is why we are in hundreds of stores internationally.

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Our Sample Offer

We understand the importance of trying out new products before making a decision to purchase. We are therefore very happy to send samples of any product completely free of charge and will even pay the shipping costs.

In return, we ask your armourers and customers to test and evaluate our gases, lubricants and care products under tough gaming conditions, informing us of their findings.

This sample offer is available to both new and existing customers wishing to try a new product.

Our Buy Back Guarantee

We recognise your concerns when taking on a new product. To remove any doubts or perceived risks, we guarantee with all first orders of a particular product to buy back unsold stock after 60 days.

Minimising Your Shipping Costs

Shipping charges are the biggest variable cost to most importers. We will advise our customers of the best mix of products and size of shipment to minimise shipping charges. This saving can be significant, particularly on smaller initial orders.

Rewards For Your Referrals

Any retailer or wholesaler introduced to us by an existing customer will receive a 5% Introduction Discount of product and shipping costs, as well as all the other benefits from our 7 Point Customer Commitment. All they have to do to get their discount is to tell us who referred them.

As a thank you for your referral we will give you a 5% Discount off product and shipping costs off your next order. This offer is ongoing and applies to every successful introduction you make.

Free Best Practice and Advisory Sheets For Your Customers

We provide all customers with free marketing information and advice sheets for use in their business.

Educating people with help and advice about getting the most from their equipment not only benefits their customer experience but their commitment to you as a supplier of quality goods. This material can also be used to market products and services to new customers.

Always in Stock
We endeavour to always have stock for immediate dispatch to all our customers. As we do not control the whole supply chain, matters beyond our control can cause difficulties; we will do our best to keep any disruption to a minimum.

Product and Service No Quibble Quality Guarantee

We aim to deliver all products quickly and in perfect condition. If you are dissatisfied with our product quality, we will either replace it or issue a credit note immediately without dispute.

A Solidified Brand
Over the years we have invested in becoming a strong, well-recognised international brand, amongst retailers and end users. Now, becoming an Abbey retailer is a win-win situation that's beneficial for you, for us, and your customers.

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