How to Clean Your Airsoft Gun

23rd Nov 2016

How to Clean Your Airsoft Gun's Barrel [VIDEO + BLOG]

One of the key components to your airsoft gun’s accuracy is the inner barrel. It’s a smooth tube of metal, slightly larger than 6mm inner diameter and often made of brass, although other materials are available as after market upgrades.

Due to the nature of airsoft as a sport, the inside of the barrel can lose its super smooth finish over time. This can happen due to corrosion, mud, dust or BB residue. This effects the internal barrel surface and can cause the BB to lose accuracy and lose stability in flight.

In this article, we’ll outline how to clean your AEG, pistol or sniper rifle inner barrel.

You’ll need:

  • A Barrel Cleaning Rod
  • Abbey Barrel Cleaning Wipe
  • Lint free cloth (or strong tissue paper)
  • And the inner barrel to clean.

First prepare your gun for work.

Start by ensuring that your gun is safe to work on. This involves ensuring that the magazine is removed, the chamber is empty and batteries are removed or gas vented.

Turn your hop-up all the way off. This stops your bucking from getting torn by the barrel cleaning rod and cloth accidentally. 

Now we’re on to actually cleaning your inner barrel. First, take an Abbey barrel cleaning wipe and thread it through the loop at the end of the barrel cleaning rod and wrap it around itself a few times.

Now slowly, in a twisting motion, push the barrel cleaning rod down to the end of the barrel. Keep twisting the rod as it goes. Once you reach the end, begin removing the rod, again twisting as you do so. The formula in the barrel cleaning wipes will break down the oils and dirt inside the barrel and remove it with ease.

Inspect the barrel cleaning wipe for dirt or residue, if the cleaning rod has come out dirty, use a fresh one and repeat the process until it can be removed clean.

Once your barrel is clean enough that the cleaning wipes are no longer dirty when they are removed from the barrel, repeat this step with small pieces of lint free cloth or strong tissue paper. This step removes any residue left behind by the wipes and leaves a dry smooth finish.

Once again, repeat this step until the cloth can be removed as clean as when it was inserted.

Your barrel should now be good and clean. Ensure that you keep your barrel clean regularly to maintain the best accuracy from your rifle.

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