Airsoft Fields Around the World. Top 5 Destinations for Enthusiasts

26th Oct 2023

Airsoft Fields Around the World. Top 5 Destinations for Enthusiasts

Airsoft is a competitive sport where players engage in tactical combat, aiming to eliminate opponents by accurately hitting them with plastic ammo (BBs) during gameplay. It’s a pastime that continues to soar in popularity, not only here in the UK but across the world. Given this, airsoft fields are appearing everywhere, each with its own unique features, layouts, and experiences. For devoted enthusiasts (like us), we have complied a list of 5 of the top airsoft destinations globally. Don’t forget if you want to stock up on quality gear and supplies, Abbey Supply is an excellent choice, providing a wide range of products to ensure you’re game-ready wherever you are in the world. Now, let's take cover and explore some of the world’s most exciting Airsoft venues.

Ballahack Airsoft, USA

Located in Chesapeake, Virginia, Ballahack Airsoft Field covers over 100 acres. It's the largest on the East Coast of the USA and offers a variety of terrains: swamps, forests, open fields, and lots of structures. The field often hosts themed events, which add an extra layer of depth and immersion to the airsoft experience. Try out the Zombie Apocalypse for the ultimate “undead” Airsoft experience. Whether you're into historical re-enactments or futuristic battles, Ballahack has something for everyone.

Border War, Czech Republic

Europe's largest airsoft venue, Border War, is held every year in the Czech Republic and attracts thousands of participants. This MilSim (Military Simulation) event has an evolving storyline that makes players feel as though they're part of an actual military operation. The huge terrain, night-time ops, and use of vehicles make it a must-play for any serious airsoft competitor.

Camp R&R, USA

Another giant, Oregon's Camp R&R (Respect & Responsibility) covers 40 acres and offers players a wide range of environments. From thick forests to urban jungles with multi-storey buildings, snipers and commandos can immerse themselves in a variety of tactical scenarios. With such a vast area you’ll never fight the same battle twice and there’s plenty of variety in the ever-evolving gameplay environments. Keywords here are safety and responsibility…you’re sure of a fantastic experience.

The Depot, UK

Closer to home, The Depot in Glasgow, Scotland, is a massive indoor Airsoft field, set within a deserted warehouse. This site caters for close-quarter battles and tactical play in a maze-like setting of corridors, rooms, and dead ends. Its urban layout makes it perfect for those who prefer fast-paced action. This comes top of our UK sites as the feel of the place is something else. The warehouse is so atmospheric you can often forget that you’re in an Airsoft environment. Forget the Scottish weather, lose yourself in the Depot Experience

Dusty Creek, Belgium

A former military base, The Village offers players the chance to navigate through a series of abandoned buildings, bunkers, and forests. Offering both outdoor and indoor experiences Dusty Creek is an ideal venue for beginners and the more experienced. Owners offer a fully tailored experience for small groups and corporate team building. It’s a friendly site too, with everything available to rent or buy.  This site is a haven for MilSim (Military Simulation) lovers, offering a battleground that feels unnervingly real. The field's events are carefully planned, ensuring an engaging and immersive Airsoft experience. 


The world of airsoft has expanded globally. From historical reenactments to futuristic battles, from dense forests to urban warehouses, there's a location for every enthusiast's taste. It's a thrilling time for the sport, and the venues we’ve singled out represent just the tip of the iceberg. The weapons themselves are becoming ever more realistic and accurate meaning the protective gear is more important than ever before. Although wherever you are you’ll find that Airsoft enthusiasts are among the friendliest bunch around…until the start whistle blows at least!

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