What is AIPSC?

5th Dec 2016

What is AIPSC?

AIPSC stands for ‘Airsoft International Practical Shooting Confederation’ and is the sport of using airsoft weapons for high speed, high accuracy target shooting.

In AIPSC, you do not fire your airsoft weapons at other players like in skirmishes or milsim events.

Instead, the aim of AIPSC is to finish the ‘course’ – which is defined by a set of targets, obstacles and shooting style – in the fastest possible time, with as few faults as possible.

AIPSC has evolved from IPSC, the same sport but one that uses firearms instead.

IPSC was quickly becoming a very popular sport in many countries across Asia. However, whilst practical shooting was becoming popular in neighbouring countries, some countries without access to firearms developed airsoft and AIPSC as an alternative.

The use of airsoft weapons, instead of firearms, afforded people access to the enjoyment of this practical shooting whilst staying legally within their local lawns.

AIPSC is now extremely popular in Asia, with competitions and tournaments being held regularly and popularity has since spread throughout the world, particularly in areas with restricted firearms laws.

AIPSC is one of the few parts of airsoft which allows for a ‘tournament’ as results can be strictly measured against timers and cheating is close to impossible.

AIPSC has also risen in popularity with IPSC and practical shooters as a safe yet realistic method of honing skills, drills and accuracy with realistic weapons without the danger of live ammunition and is referred to in the IPSC industry as ‘Action Air’.

Whilst you can get started in AIPSC with standard airsoft pistols and parts, there is a huge range of parts specifically designed for practical shooting.

Airsoft guns which are specifically designed and tuned for AIPSC are often called ‘race guns’ due to their use in practical shooting races and are often brightly coloured to set them apart from their militarised counterparts.

AIPSC ‘race guns’ are highly accurate, fast firing pistols – often high FPS –  with optics on top that allow the shooter to quickly and accurately aim down sight. AIPSC Shooters often have specialised holsters and magazine wells that allow a much faster draw of the weapon and a smoother reload, for the fastest possible time.

If you’re interested in getting into AIPSC, we recommend using our Vertex or Brut gas, for the most power and the most consistent shots per magazine.

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