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In airsoft, Gas Blowback Guns (or GBBs as they are informally referred toGas Cooldown) can occasionally experience an issue known as ‘gas cooldown’. This is especially common during winter time

In this blog, we will be covering 5 examples of impressiDroneve advancements in military weapons technology.

    Modern body armour is used in a wide range of applicatioBomb Suitns including law enforcement, civilian use and the defence sector as it provides convenient and effective protection to those in high risk situations.

    Our Silicone Gun Grease is a powerful product designed specifically forHow to use Silicone Gun Grease plastic-on-plastic or plastic-on-metal applications – perfect for many of the airsoft guns out there

    Silencers (sometimes referred to as suppressors) are opGuns with Silencerstional attachments installed on to a gun’s barrel which work to attenuate the loud noise created during the firing process.

    CHow To Fill An Airsoft Magazineheck out this quick video and blog to learn the right way to fill your airsoft magazines.

    A leaking gas magazine can spell disaster forAirsoft Magazine 2 your airsoft game if you are relying on your gas weapon as your main BB delivery method. Following this guide, we’ll tell you how to fix the majority of leaking gas magazines with limited tools and knowledge. It’s so easy you could do it in the field.

    Your airsoft gun’s magazines are arguably the most important part of your airsoft lAirsoft Magazineoadout. If they let you down in the field, it’s a long walk back to the carpark. Here are a few tips for storing your AEG or Gas airsoft magazines to keep them feeding flawlessly and lasting longer.

    In the secUmarex MP5ond addition of our GBB Spotlight, we will be taking a close look at Umarex’s (well, technically VFC’s) recreation of the famous MP5 submachine gun.

    Taiwanese airsoft gun manufacturer GHK has produced AUGan extremely realistic replica version of the hugely innovative AUG rifle which was originally introduced back in the 1960s.

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