5 Awesome Uses Of Vehicles In Airsoft

21st Oct 2017

5 Awesome Uses Of Vehicles In Airsoft

In the ever present pursuit of realism and awesomeness in airsoft, vehicles are a way of bringing a certain x-factor into the game that you will struggle to get in any other way. There’s simply nothing like having your team backed up by an armoured vehicle, transported in the back of a jeep or even flown in by aircraft.

So in the spirit of finding next-level greatness in airsoft, we’ve put together a list of 5 amazing places and airsoft games where vehicles are being used and how they do it safely.

1.Airsoft 4x4

The most basic of vehicle applications in airsoft is the humble 4x4. Used in conflicts the world over, it’s a staple of transporting and protecting troops in battle zones. With this said, it makes complete sense that players and sites would want to implement these vehicles into their airsoft games and scenarios.

Some sites, even take this a little further and mount weapons on top, for a bit of an offensive ability.

Note how the terrain allows for the safe use of vehicles - unlike in woodland environments, where a player can easily be concealed behind a bush. Players are clearly briefed on how to act safely around the vehicles and there are only designated drivers.

2.Airsoft Helicopter

Perhaps the holy grail of awesome things to experience in airsoft is aircraft and helicopters are no exception. The sudden inability to hear anything, thud of the rotors and the downdraft all add to the simulation.

Take a look at this bit of content that shows how great helicopters can be in airsoft. Aside from obvious safety concerns, how do you ensure that a game site and game day remain balanced after introducing such a force into the battlefield? How would you ensure that the teams stay fair? Let us know over on our Facebook page.

3.Airsoft Tank

Tanks are arguably the ultimate force on the battlefield and whilst no-one seems to have been able to use the main gun for airsoft uses, they still remain a great thing on the airsoft field.

This site in Germany uses multiple heavy transport vehicles for their airsoft games and explosions across multiple acres of woodland.

Surely tanks are some of the most dangerous things to have on an airsoft field, especially in a woodland environment? This German site has put some simple yet effective measures in-place to ensure that everyone is safe and sound when the tanks are in play.

Notice how the tanks are used as transport vehicles primarily, they do no move unless all players are accounted for inside the vehicles. This is a simple measure that allows everyone to stay safe, whilst ensuring immersion.

4.Airsoft on a BOAT

Up until now we’ve shown you nothing but using a vehicle on an airsoft site but what about using a vehicle AS and airsoft site?

One of the few sites and videos on this list that take place in the UK – Operation Forecastle. Starting on a small dock in the south of the UK, the team sets out on a RHIB and infiltrates an enemy controlled container ship.

Surprisingly, the airsoft game begins as soon as they hit the water, with players exchanging shots from the RHIB and the container’s deck. However, once boarding the ship, there is obviously some precautions to ensure it’s safe. Players don’t seem to be allowed to engage people climbing the ladder onto the ship and are not waiting for them as they vulnerably climb aboard. All reasonable from a fairness and safety standpoint, and doesn’t seem to break immersion during the play.

5.Airsoft on a Plane

Again, why take the vehicle to the airsoft site, when you can take the airsoft site to the vehicle? Here we have airsofting on a plane!

Naturally this is not a working plane but it’s still an amazing change from your traditional woodland or urban environment. Limited lanes to attack, limited flanking and camouflage opportunities. The planning in this kind of game is intense and the rounds short, perfect for fast paced action, with quick turnaround times.

Think you’ve airsofted somewhere cooler? or in some kind of better vehicle?

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