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Shotgun-Chokes-BasicNew shooters may think that shotguns are shotguns are shotguns. What you may not realise is that some simple (and minor) changes to a shotgun can massively change its characteristics and effectiveness. Barrel length and ammunition type will change how the gun performs but there’s another change, one less permanent than changing barrel length, which can change the gun’s effectiveness at range.

hunt-2169805 960 720Optics are an important part of your rifle. Whether you’re into target shooting, hunting, airsoft or just the occasional plinking, the long range optics that you use are important to understand to get the most out of your rifle.

There are a number of different features and specifications that are available on rifle optics, particularly scopes. One of the ones you may have come across is the ‘focal plane’.

Snake Big BossThis month, as voted by you on our Facebook page is Naked Snake from the Video Game Series Metal Gear, AKA Big Boss.

Naked Snake is the oldest of the ‘snakes’ in the Metal Gear Solid video game franchise, a former Green Beret, CIA black ops field agent, “The Legendary Soldier”, and “The Greatest Warrior of the 20th Century”.

Barrett M82Joule creep is a phenomenon that happens in airsoft that effects how ‘powerful’ your airsoft gun is. It’s a dangerous thing that can leave your airsoft gun being too powerful to use, or even illegal under the latest UK Law.

In a recent article we describe how measuring a gun’s FPS alone is not an accurate depiction of the gun’s FPS when actually used and Joule Creep is simply another aspect of how issues can arise without proper knowledge and correct testing.

XCORTECH-X3200-3Our recent blog about the changes to the UK’s airsoft laws (link to ‘everything players need to know’ blog), we covered everything that players need to know about the new laws. Whilst it’s important that retailers know this (we suggest you go read it now if you haven’t), there’s a couple of things that we haven’t mentioned that retailers should be specifically aware of.

handcuffsAs of May the 2nd 2017, the latest amendments to the Policing and Crime Act 2017 have been commenced (acting law).

The act outlines some important changes to the way that airsoft weapons are classified under the eyes of the law and, as such, it’s very important that airsofters understand these changes to remain safe and legal.

NightVisionThere are two primary forms of night vision. Both forms work on a similar principle, they simply target different parts of the ‘light spectrum’, one type focuses on light in the visible spectrum (mostly) and the other focuses on the invisible spectrum (Thermal).

However, for this blog we’re going to focus on what most would call ‘night vision’, i.e. image enhancement.

non-lethal beanbagStandard ammunition is designed to penetrate the target, causing internal damage designed to be fatal. However, non-lethal ammunition is designed to impart its kinetic energy onto the target, causing blunt force trauma.

The idea of non-lethal ammunition is to neutralise a threat to personnel and public without lethal force, which can escalate situations rather than deescalate.

Bradley-Cooper-American-Sniper iconIt’s time again for another blog in our series – Kit List.

This series of blogs takes your favourite characters from video games, films television (or real life) and outline all of the gear and kit that they use.This month, we’re looking at the Warner Bothers picture “American Sniper” and its main character, Chris Kyle.

This loadout was voted for by you on our Facebook.

Barrel riflingPeople that don’t know a huge amount about guns might not realise that a barrel’s rifling goes far beyond some grooves down the barrel. Some people might not even understand what rifling is or what it does! Here’s a quick little guide to help you understand everything about barrel rifling that you could ever need to know.

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