Tips for Anti-Fogging Your Glasses

8th Nov 2019

Tips for Anti-Fogging Your Glasses

Whilst it doesn’t just happen during the winter months, you might be noticing it more. The fogging of your glasses and goggles can cause a serious problem during your shooting activities. 

What causes fogging?

Fogging on your glasses and goggles is caused by microscopic water droplets forming on the glass of your eye protection. This, in-turn, blocks your view and can be very dangerous, regardless of the shooting sport you’re active in.

Fogging is essentially condensation, where water vaper in the air gets cooled by the colder surface of your glasses and condenses back into water on their surface.

During the winter months, 2 common factors are at play which make fogging particularly common. The colder weather makes the surface of your glasses particularly cold, meaning they’re more efficient at condensing the surrounding water vapour. The colder weather means your mouth is usually covered, this forces the water vapour from your breath up and towards your eye protection.

In addition, you’re commonly over-dressed. People often dress to stay warm whilst standing around. When it comes to exerting themselves, they’re over-dressed and sweat more than usual, increasing the water vapour and humidity on your brow and around your eye protection.

How to prevent your glasses fogging

For you effectively reduce the fogging your experience in the field, you need to begin eliminating the causes.

Don’t cover your nose.

If you feel like you must cover your face in some fashion, make sure that you do not cover your nose. The shape of your nose usually leaves two gaps either side which essentially funnels your breath into your eye protection.

Increase airflow around your glasses

Allowing air to flow over the surface of your glasses will increase the evaporation of any water on the surface. Not breath, we mean cool, non-humid air. Any water droplets that form on the surface will evaporate before they’re visible. You can increase the airflow in a number of ways. Some eye protection has built in fans to move air around. Some eye protection has vents and foam which prevent the goggles from forming an air-tight seal against your skin.

Dress appropriately

If you’ve dressed appropriately, you’re not going to be sweating profusely. This means the surface of your skin is not going to be overly warm and you’re not going to be sweating buckets (both would add to the fogging effect). However, make sure that you’re keeping warm-layers on hand. If you happen to stop exerting yourself long enough to feel cold, you should be wrapping up warm again.

Anti-fog solution

Consider applying an anti-fog solution to your goggles and glasses. Our anti-fog comes in both a spray bottle and handy wipes. Anti-fog is designed to make it very difficult for water to condense on the surface of the glasses, even humid environments.

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