Airsoft Checklist - What to do AFTER Airsoft

19th Oct 2018

Airsoft Checklist - What to do AFTER Airsoft

There are plenty of “pre-airsoft” check lists out there. They’re full of everything you might need to remember to take to a game, things you need to do, all the things you might need to charge, etcetera.

But what about after airsoft? It’s so easy to forget to do something after a game and, just a few days later, you could regret it. Here’s our comprehensive list of all the things you should think about doing when you come back from a long hard day at airsoft, in no particular order.

Gear & Kit

We spend a lot of money on our gear, it’s worth protecting. In some instances, it also helps protect us, like with eye protection and boots. It’s doubly important to make sure you’re looking after these parts.

  • Locate your eye protection
    • Clean and place them somewhere memorable and safe. You don’t want to lose them and realise the night before a game.
  • Empty pockets (before washing)
  • Wash dirty kit
  • Check kit over for signs of imminent failure.
    This could be rig straps or your boots. Generally give your kit a once over to ensure that it’s not going to fail halfway through your next game day. You don’t need that kind of stress.
  • Empty and dry water bladder
    If you use some kind of water bladder, make sure you empty it and dry it before storing it away. You don’t want mould or stagnant water in your hydration carrier.
  • Wash and properly dry boots
    Wash and dry muddy boots to ensure they last longer. Leather parts may need to have product applied to stop them from drying out and cracking.
  • Turn off any accessories, it sucks to find the batteries in your torch have died because you forgot to turn it off. Especially if it’s not rechargeable.
    • Torches
    • Cameras
    • Radios & Headsets
  • Charge accessory batteries.
    If you’ve got rechargeable batteries in your accessories, make sure you recharge them soon after your game. Batteries deteriorate quickly if left on a low charge.


Your weapons system can be expensive and, for some airsofters, it’s your only rif. Some simple tasks after airsoft will keep it lasting much longer.

  • Disconnect batteries from weapons
    Some weapons, especially those that have mosfets or internal computers, will still drain the battery slowly, even when not firing. This will kill a LiPo battery in no time. Disconnect batteries immediately after the game for the best and safest practice.
  • Charge batteries to a safe storage charge
    Don’t just charge batteries the night before the game, they could be dangerously low. Give them a quick “storage” charge to keep them in best condition.
  • Empty Magazines of BBs
    Most magazines don’t like having their springs compressed for 2 weeks until you next game, remove all the BBs to keep the springs fresh and prevent feeding issues.
  • Half charge gas magazines with gas
    Completely empty gas mags tend to dry out and leak next time they’re filled. Put a quick squirt of gas in them to keep them fresh. Read more here.
  • Clean barrels and generally give weapons a quick clean
    Corrosion can set in pretty quickly if the weather’s not too great and airsoft gun barrels get dirty fast. A quick once over and lubrication (if necessary) will help prevent damage.
  • Turn off any accessories
    Just like the accessories on your kit, turn all the attachments on the gun off too.
    • Torch
    • Red Dot
    • Lasers
    • Tracer Units
  • Charge accessory batteries
  • Check for all “lose-ables”. Body pins, screws, bolts, magazines etc.
    It won’t help if you’re already home, but the sooner you realise you’ve lost something, the sooner you can find it or replace it. You don’t want to find you’ve lost a vital body pin the morning of a game.


There are things that we burn through at airsoft and you need to keep an eye on them before you run out. Doing this after an airsoft game, not just before, means you have plenty of time to re-buy what you need.

  • Check BB levels (Check dates on BIO BBs)
  • Check Gas Levels (See our suppliers here)
  • Check Grenade Levels (Pyro, Primer, Disks etc)
  • Check Battery Levels.
    Sites don’t often sell batteries. Make sure you’ve got a spare or two of the important batteries you need on the day.
  • Check mosquito repellent and sun screen levels.
  • Re-order if necessary.


We don’t need to tell you to wash behind your ears, but there are a few things you should do after every game to keep yourself in tip-top condition.

  • Check for Ticks
  • Check your feet
    You’ve not just gone on a 7-month trek through the Himalayas, but pay attention to where you’re getting blisters and sores. It may be worth investing in another pair of boots.
  • Stretch
    Stretching after exercise helps reduce the aches and pains you’ll feel on your body.
  • Hydrate
  • Eat
    You lose a lot of energy and water when you airsoft. Even if you’ve hydrated and eaten all day. Make sure you keep it up to avoid cramping and headaches.
  • Relax and Sleep


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