3 Benefits of Using Gun Oil

14th Jul 2016

3 Benefits of Using Gun Oil

There are many gun maintenance products available which help to improve the condition of your weapons and one of these is a gun oil.

Silicone Gun Oil 35

So, why should you be adding gun oils to your cleaning arsenal?

  1. Keeps guns working problem free

Gun oils help to reduce the friction between the various mechanical components within your gun when they come into contact with one another.

Friction slows the movement of these parts and reduces your weapon’s overall potential as a result, hindering its ability to achieve high velocity, accurate shots.

This is why using a gun oil during cleaning and maintenance sessions is so important as the oil works to provide a fluid medium between the two surfaces and allow them move harmoniously with one another.

Not only does this provide the benefit of increased performance, it also helps to safeguard your weapon from eventual damage which can occur when used over extended periods of time.

Unwanted friction can cause temperatures to rise and this, coupled with uncontrolled movements of the internal parts can lead to chips and other damage occurring within the gun’s structure.

  1. The power of silicone

Some specialist gun oils also include a substance you may have heard of: silicone, and this provide a number of key characteristics.

For instance, silicone has the ability to spread easily throughout internal areas of your gun, making it excellent when attempting to lubricate hard-to-reach areas where conventional solutions can perform less effectively.

Furthermore, silicone works perfectly in heavy-duty rifles and shotguns due to its excellent resistance to both high pressure and high temperature environments.

Guns which feature a predominantly metal construction will require more advanced lubrication due to the increased pressure found between areas and this is where silicone becomes an excellent compound to incorporate.

  1. Non-destructive

The composition of Abbey Supply’s Silicone Gun Oil 35 prevents wood damage from occurring which can be a common problem when using a standard mineral-oil based product.

Shotguns, rifles and other weapons can often include wooden parts in addition to a plastic and metal construction so it is important to consider whether the oil you are using may actually end up reducing the effective life of your gun.

In addition, our gun oil is highly water repellent which reduces the risk of corrosion and rusting from affecting the quality of your gun.

Gun oils are simple, relatively inexpensive solutions which can help to improve the performance of your weapon as well as prevent damage from occurring.

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