The Most Efficient Gas Blowback Gun (that we

4th Aug 2016

The Most Efficient Gas Blowback Gun (that we've found so far)

Efficiency is a highly important element of an airsoft gun’s performance and should be a strong consideration when purchasing a new weapon.

So why is it so important?

The efficiency of a gun dictates how much energy (in this case, propellant gas) will be used to fire each BB pellet and how much will be ‘wasted’ in other areas.

Choosing a weapon with superior efficiency will help extend the life of each gas canister you buy and this will ultimately mean you save money in the long run.

Higher efficiency will also help to improve the gun’s overall performance as more of the energy utilised in the firing process will be applied to the BB.

The Most Efficient Gas Blowback (probably)

This leads us nicely onto the bulk of this post – what’s the most efficient gun you can buy?

Before we go on, this may not be THE most efficient gun on the market but it’s definitely up there with some of the best and includes a few unique features which we’re sure you’ll love.


The Tokyo Marui MK23 Socom Pistol

Despite technically being categorised as a ‘gas blowback gun’, this compact weapon is bereft of the traditional mechanism associated with the majority of guns in its class.


Removing the blowback from your gun helps to make the most of the available gas as the inclusion of a more streamlined firing mechanism requires less propellant force per cycle.

In addition, the M23 Socom is exposed to a much smaller amount of recoil than many other pistols.

An extremely beneficial feature; this allows you to achieve more accurate shots as the BB’s trajectory is less affected by the backwards movement of the gun.

This trait is useful in situations which require the use of a secondary weapon (typically a pistol) such as magazines running low on ammunition, reloading during combat or for when snipers enter close combat scenarios where their primary weapon is no longer optimal.

Extra features

As well as being a highly efficient gun, the MK23 SOCOM also includes an array of features which add to its efficacy in the field.

The removal of blowback is also complimented by the inclusion of a foam-filled suppressor.

The combination of these two design features creates a near-silent gun which makes it an excellent option for snipers, marksmen and any other role which relies on remaining hidden.

The icing on the cake is the integration of a bespoke, laser/torch unit located underneath the barrel of the pistol.

This further improves the pistol’s deadliness as target acquisition is now made even easier when using the laser beam.

Using a torch also presents numerous tactical advantages and can help improve your accuracy in evening games, indoor areas and other low-light situations.

These auxiliary components are modular, meaning they can be easily removed if a more simplistic weapon setup is preferential.

One final feature which may go unnoticed for some is the dual-sided mag release system next to the trigger. This makes the reloading process much quicker, especially for left handed players who are often forced to release the magazine from the left side of the gun.

The Tokyo Marui MK23 Socom Pistol is a powerful, light-weight and effective weapon which is an ideal upgrade for your secondary weapon and an excellent addition to any player’s arsenal.

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