How to Store your Airsoft Magazines

12th Aug 2016

How to Store your Airsoft Magazines

Your airsoft gun’s magazines are arguably the most important part of your airsoft loadout. If they let you down in the field, it’s a long walk back to the carpark.

Here are a few tips for storing your AEG or Gas airsoft magazines to keep them feeding flawlessly and lasting longer.

After coming home from a hard day’s or night’s airsofting, bring your kit in from the car and follow these steps:

1. Remove all BBs

The springs that push the BBs into your airsoft gun can become weak if compressed for too long and will struggle to feed in future. Removing the BBs from the magazine releases the tension and keeps the springs fresh.

If you have magazines with long followers, such as RM4 or G&G midcap magazines, it’s a good idea to keep 1 or 2 BBs in the magazine. This won’t compress the spring too much but will prevent the protruding follower from being damaged in storage.

2. Lightly oil any exposed metal parts or springs

If you are planning on storing your magazines for a relatively long period of time, it’s a good idea to lightly oil any bare metal parts that may begin to corrode if not used regularly, such as springs, valves or metal bodies.

3. Partially fill with gas

If you’re using a gas gun, you will know the dangers of letting O-rings and seals dry out in your magazine. To help prevent this, partially fill your magazines with Abbey Maintenance Gas. This gas keeps the O-rings compressed and lubricated and prevents them from leaking after long periods without use.

4. Lubricate external O-rings and seals

Most magazines have secondary O-rings on their valves that will not be lubricated by gas from the inside. Put a few drops of Abbey Silicone 35 on the external O-rings of your gas magazine and on the Gas routers to keep them fresh, leak-free and consistent between games.

Following these simple guidelines, your RIF’s magazines will remain leak-free and feed consistently for much longer than magazines that you leave in your plate carrier until next game.

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