Vertex Gas

Abbey Vertex Gas is our highest-pressure gas for rifle applications. It’s specifically designed to be used with heavy, gas blow back rifles or lighter applications during colder weather. Each bottle contains 300gm and features a high strength, snap resistant gas nozzle for increased durability.


High Pressure

The high-pressure formulation means that it can easily cycle heavy bolts in gas blow back rifles, giving you an enhanced recoil felt through the stock, a faster rate of fire and a greater gas efficiency.

The higher pressure will also increase most RIF’s muzzle velocity when compared to using lower pressure airsoft gases. Vertex Gas’s pressure means that it’s much more stable when firing, keeping a more consistent FPS over sustained fire.

Better Cold Resistance

The higher pressure and suspended lubricant make this gas especially well suited to use in colder weather. Instead of using Vertex Gas to power a heavy weapon during normal temperatures, it can be used to operate a lighter weight gas gun during low temperatures.

If your airsoft gun fires optimally with a lower pressure gas but struggles with it during the colder months, Abbey Vertex Gas will give it the higher.

Suspended Lubricant

Vertex Gas contains our “suspended lubricant”, a lubricant that stays aerosolised within the gas itself. This means that, when in the magazine, it’s constantly enriching and maintaining the seal of its O-rings and gas routers.




  • 300gm (700ml) bottle
  • Metal Filling Nozzle

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