Barrel Cleaning Wipes

Abbey Airsoft Wipes – New Improved Formula, not silicone based.


Each pack now comes with a bottle of liquid.


Instructions for Use –


Place a small amount of the liquid in the bag to soak the outer wipes.

Repeat as necessary.

DO NOT put all the liquid in at once otherwise it will leak from the bag.

Removing dirt and moisture from your gun is vital to keep performing at your best which is why we have created new Airsoft Cleaning Wipes to allow easy cleaning of airsoft guns in any situation.

Regular cleaning ensures the BBs can move freely along the barrel with minimal friction which allows for optimised accuracy and power, leading to more shots hitting the target.


  • Quick and easy removal of moisture and other contaminants
  • No sticky residue being left behind
  • Prevents future build ups from occurring
  • Maintains the performance of your weapon for longer



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