3 Reasons to use a Gas Blowback Gun in Airsoft

7th Jul 2016

3 Reasons to use a Gas Blowback Gun in Airsoft

In the sport of airsoft, the sheer abundance of weaponry available can be daunting – particularly for new starters.

Once you’ve decided on a class of weapon, and chosen a specific model from your favourite brand, you may be left with one more question.

Do I buy an automatic electric gun (AEG) or a gas blowback gun (GBB)?

Whilst non-electric, spring-loaded guns are another option the former two options are the most common choices for the majority of players.

In this blog, we will be exploring 3 reasons why you should choose a GBB for your next purchase.

  1. A more realistic firing experience

Including a gas-powered firing mechanism within an airsoft gun provides a much more realistic experience when compared with their electric counterparts.

This is a result of a number of design elements. For instance, in a gas blowback airsoft guns, players will experience the ‘recoil’ sensation which is present in the majority of real steel weapons.

Recoil is where a portion of the gun such as the slider on a pistol is caused to fire back and forth which creates a visual and kinetic characteristic to the firing experience.

In addition, gas blowback guns also produce an audible ‘cracking’ noise when the trigger is pulled because of the way gas is used to exert force to the BBs inside the weapon.

Noises such as this can help add to the immersion of a skirmish as more realistic sounding weaponry begins to fill the battlefield and this can make combat engagements far more enjoyable.

Finally, gas blowback guns will stop firing once the rounds in a magazine have been expended. Because of this, players will offered a tactile alert of when their gun needs to be reloaded because of the weapon’s temporary inability to fire.

  1. A huge variety of airsoft gases

GBB guns are highly customizable as a result of the plentiful supply of airsoft gases on the market.

These gases are available with varying levels of velocity and many also include specialist features such as the integration of silicone lubricant to help improve the movement of mechanical parts within your gun.

Because of this, players are able to easily adapt to changes such as:

  • Fluctuations in the ambient temperature throughout the year
  • The purchase of a different guns with stronger or weaker construction
  • Moving to a different role within your team

This is hugely beneficial characteristic of GBBs as players can now become increasingly versatile on the battlefield whilst still achieving highly accurate shots, simply by moving to a different airsoft gas.

Players who battle in a variety of different environments will be able to use this to their advantage as the ability to utilise different gases to compensate for changes in weather will ensure their proficiency in the skirmish is not negatively affected.

  1.  GBBs do not require batteries

Due to their inherent characteristics, gas blowback guns naturally do not require the user to bring a supply of batteries to each skirmish in order to use their gun.

Batteries, by nature, are prone to failure overtime and can become less efficient after prolonged use. This can causes them to be problematic and even affect both the performance and reliability of your weapon.

By using a gas blowback gun, you can be safe in the knowledge that, as long as you have a sufficient amount of gas, your gun will continue to fire with the same effectiveness.

Charging batteries is also another consideration for airsoft players which can make preparing for your next skirmish more of a hassle.

Whilst there are certainly advantages to using AEGs too, gas blow back guns provide players with a more authentic, reliable, versatile and enjoyable weapon to use on the battlefield.

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