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Maunsell Forts UKEvery airsofter fantasises about the perfect airsoft site. We’ve all been at an airport, small town or factory and wondered about how amazing it would be if you could use it for an airsoft site (with all the damage and danger to public put aside).

We’ve put together a list of 5 amazing places on planet earth that would make amazing airsoft sites if we ever got the chance. Oh, and we’ve completely ignored health and safety.

Airsoft Players in Field

Friendly fire, often called ‘blue on blue’, occurs when friendly forces fire upon other friendly or allied forces during an airsoft skirmish.

Friendly fire is a relatively common occurrence in airsoft due to the nature of airsoft and the players. The majority of airsofters are not trained in combat situations, where training might help you distinguish each team.

What is AIPSC?

AIPSC stands for ‘Airsoft International Practical Shooting Confederation’ and is the sport of using airsoft weapons for high speed, high accuracy target shooting.

In AIPSC, you do not fire your airsoft weapons at other players like in skirmishes or milsim events.

At Socom Tactical we have stocked Abbey Supply gas and lube products since we first opened.

Biodegradable ammuAirsoft BBsnition developed for airsoft use is specifically designed to degrade in the natural environment and leave little to no trace over time. It looks the same, theoretically shoots the same but gives a number of benefits.

Everybody has a “bang kill” story. You’ve eDiary of an airsoft newbieither tried to give a bang kill or you’ve been hit by one yourself. They seem like a great idea in theory; it’s the opportunity to get someone at point blank without putting them through some quite real pain.

Whilst there’s absolutely no doubt that a successful bang kill leaves you feeling like a bad ass Rambo, the sad truth is that a successful bang kill is a rare bang kill.

CTN - YT - How to clean your barrelheck out this quick video and blog to learn how to clean your airsoft gun's barrel.

In this article, we’re going to outline some of the key waAirsoftys that you can improve your range and accuracy, whilst also dispelling some of the myths in airsoft.

For better or for worse, America’s ongoing participation iStripper Clipsn foreign conflicts throughout the years has led to the accelerated development of military weapons technology.

In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at how rifles used by the U.S army have developed considerably over what is a relatively short space of time.

It’s a question that every airsofter asks themsGun Scopeelves when they first want to pick up the sport. It’s human nature to want to get the absolute best value for money from our purchases.

So here enters the question that has been asked on every airsoft forum and group since the dawn of web-related chatter: what is the best first airsoft gun to get?

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