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Took the new gas out to the field this weekend and couldn't wait to try it out. Thumbs up all around! 

Scott's tests proved the quality of Predator Gases.

It is also of value in increasing rate-of-fire.

Airsoft Gas

Will Bird Muck Remover clean all surfaces?

Airsoft Advice

We have developed a new high specification formulation that truly solves the problem of condensation on visors and spectacles.

Many airsofters and shooters can safely recycle their used aluminium and steel aerosol cans, providing their local authority permits.

Hand warmers could be the answer. Read on

If your gun is under one year old do not invalidate it's warranty. Read on

Abbey Maintenance Gas 134a will get you back to full power.

If you are certain the warranty period has expired you can experiment with more powerful gases to improve power and performance. Read on

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