Top 4 Reasons to Play Airsoft

21st Apr 2016

Top 4 Reasons to Play Airsoft

Airsoft is an incredibly unique competition sport and one which is vastly different from the majority of other alternatives available in the present day.

There are many different reasons why someone might look at trying out airsoft for the first time so we have created this short blog post to help enlighten prospective airsoft players on some important information about starting out.

So why play airsoft?

That’s a good question.

  1. A Completely Unique Experience

Due to its very nature, airsoft is a completely different experience compared with almost any other sport as, instead of using racquets and goals, players are equipped with high powered (but non-lethal) weapons.

This even extends to paintball, a sport which airsoft is often compared to.

Whilst we are not here to degrade paintball players in any way, it is undeniable that airsoft is hugely different in the way games are carried out, the nature of combat and the general feel of fire fights amongst other aspects.

Airsofters will regularly find themselves in intense situations throughout a weekend of skirmishes with players firing at them from all directions and the need for constant adaption to changes in the battlefield and tactics on both sides.

Furthermore, adorning military-themed apparel and wielding a range of different firearms is a far cry from other sports and will be an exciting, if slightly unusual experience for new starters to get used to, and one which only adds to the realism of the sport.

  1. Comradery and Meeting New People

Airsoft relies on players adhering to specific rules and codes of conduct to achieve successful, fair skirmishes and it is this, coupled with the maturity of the players which makes it so engaging and fun to play.

Airsoft players are respectful of one another, passionate about the sport and take great enjoyment in each and every game, irrespective of whether their team wins or loses.

As a result you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who isn’t welcoming to new players and this helps make it easy to join what is ultimately a complex, multi-faceted sport to become acquainted with.

After you’ve left the game site itself, there is a great community awaiting you with various online forums offering help and advice as well as countless posts detailing the latest news, modified weaponry, clothing and more.

  1. Customisation

For many people, airsoft is far more than just a sport. It offers players the opportunity to customize almost every single piece of their loadout including guns, armour, masks and just about anything else.

There’s a plethora of different guns, attachments, clothing, accessories and other gear to choose from with companies constantly updating their product lines to ensure the market is both fresh and plentiful.

This extends to far more than simple cosmetic changes, however, as many of the changes can provide real world benefits such as increases in power and accuracy, improved camouflaging capabilities and more.

In addition to gear customisation, players can also choose their position within the game, as well as the tactics they adopt throughout the skirmish.

This allows participants to really become integrated within each skirmish and helps to add an air of individuality to each person’s playstyle, adding to the already immersive gameplay.

  1. Location Location Location

A quick browse of Google will make it immediately obvious about the sheer amount of game sites available across the world.

In addition, the diversity of terrain and general types of environments on offer to players is immense.

Airsoft can be played in almost any type of location including woodland, urban and desert environments and this will require players to not only be proficient with their weapons, but also to be flexible in their approach to combat in order to maintain effectiveness.

Moreover, the ability to move between game sites regularly helps keep the game fresh and exciting which cannot be achieved in other sports which rely on pitches with fixed sizes and layouts.

This is just a brief glimpse into the huge number of reasons why you should start playing airsoft so, if you’re interested, why not visit your local game site and try it out?

If you’re already an avid airsofter, what is it that made you start (and keep on) playing airsoft? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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