10 Classic Airsoft Guns

3rd May 2016

10 Classic Airsoft Guns

There are many guns which have been made somewhat iconic not only from war documentaries but, also, by the many famous films and video games such as Scarface and Call of Duty.

Many companies have taken to creating highly detailed replicas of these for use in airsoft games and we have created a quick list of the some of the most famous and recognisable weapons which you too can brandish in your next skirmish should you choose to.

  1. AK47

The AK47 is a fully automatic assault rifle designed by Russian inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov and is the highest selling weapon in history, with over 75 million units produced so far.

This is a result of their world renowned durability in harsh conditions and relative performance to their production costs compared to many alternative weapons produced in Western countries.

  1. M16 – Scarface

Made famous by the 1983 gangster film, ‘Scarface’, the M16 is a tried and tested assault rifle which has seen use within the US military since the start of the Vietnam War.

There have been numerous different variants of the M16 and, as technology has evolved, newer and more accurate models have been created, with the M16A4 being the latest instalment.

  1. UZI

The UZI is a family of weapons originally developed in Israel which, like many of the weapons on this list, features an iconic design.

The weapon is officially deployed in over 90 countries for applications such as law enforcement and military conflicts and is also used illicitly in countless other locations in the world.

  1. RPG

The original Rocket Propelled Grenade is commonly known by its other name: RPG or, for our Russian friends: Ruchnoi Protivotankovyi Granatomyot.

Whilst the airsoft equivalent of this devastating weapon hopefully won’t leave your opponents dismembered (we hope not anyway), brandishing it can be highly effective during the course of battle, even just for its intimidating appearance.

  1. MP5

The MP5 is a submachine gun which is used all over the world by military and defence organisations including the SAS, SWAT and even the German Federal Police.

This weapon was brought into the limelight when, in 1980, members of the SAS infiltrated the Iranian Embassy in London and used MP5s to kill 5 terrorists who were holding people hostage inside

  1. SA80

The SA80 is the current weapon of choice for soldiers in the British army and has seen use in tours all over the world including wars in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

This assault rifle is instantly recognisable by it’s unique and chunky design. It comes complete with coloured grip, M16-inspired top handle and a magazine located towards the rear of the gun’s body.

  1. Glock 18C

The Glock 18C combines the small form-factor of a handgun with the high rate of fire attributed to assault rifles and machine guns.

This compact tool allows those who wield it to achieve high rates of fire whilst still using a handgun thanks to the presence of its fully automatic mode and this can be extremely advantageous in close quarters scenarios when your main weapon needs reloading.

  1. M1 Garand

The M1 Garand quickly became the bread and butter rifle for United States military soldiers during the course of World War II and the original model required soldiers to load an 8 shot clip into the weapon rather than the conventional magazine system which is commonly used in the present day.

  1. M24 Sniper Rifle

Fans of the popular ‘American Sniper’ film will know that the M24 was one of Chris Kyle’s most frequently used weapons whilst on tour and helped him achieve his now famous legacy of enemy kills whilst serving in Iraq.

  1. Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle is famous mainly for its bulky, unique design and can be seen appearing in over 500 films and TV programmes since it was first introduced.

It is regularly equipped with a silver and black colour scheme; however, fans of popular video game series Call of Duty will usually associate it with a distinctive Gold appearance instead.

The above list is just a small selection of the many fantastic weapons available to airsoft players the world over, with many more iconic firearms waiting to be found.

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