7 Quick Airsoft Facts

5th May 2016

7 Quick Airsoft Facts

We did say “quick” so let’s get straight into it!

  1. Airsoft originated in Japan

Did you know that this popular past time originally began in the East Asian country of Japan?

The sport began as a way of allowing people to legally own a gun which was capable of firing projectiles (now known as BBs) without being classed as an actual firearm which, at the time, were illegal for civilians to own.

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  1. Airsoft guns com in 3 flavours

These are AEGs (Automatic Electric Gun), spring powered and gas powered.

Each of these guns work on the same principle of firing BBs from the chamber, however, the method in which this is achieved varies between each type.

AEGs work by using a battery to power the firing aspect of the weapon whereas spring powered guns, as the name implies, utilise the tension of a compressed spring to exert force on the BB and fire it from the weapon.

Gas Blow Back guns (GBBs) are often compared with AEGs, however, we recommend the former due to the ease of maintenance, customization capabilities and the extreme performance which these weapons can produce.

  1. Airsoft helps build teamwork

Since working with other players to eliminate the enemy team and complete objectives serves as such a fundamental aspect of airsoft, participating in the sport naturally helps to build you teamwork skills.

Furthermore, the reliance on participants adhering to the honour system (where players are solely responsible for admitting to being hit) will help build maturity and honesty amongst airsofters who want to play honest and fair skirmishes.

  1. Airsoft has been used to train soldiers in the military

As the sport is extremely realistic (especially true for MilSim games), airsoft weapons have been utilised by various military organisations as a means of training their soldiers on new tactics, weapon firing and many more aspects of battle.

If you’re looking to take the immersion of airsoft to the next level, check out our guide to MilSim!

  1. Over 18s only

In order to purchase a black airsoft gun you must meet a number of criteria, one of which is being over the age of 18.

With that being said, people of any age can ultimately play airsoft on private property, assuming the site permits to this. It is only the sale of the weapons themselves which are officially regulated by law (in the UK).

  1. Airsoft is completely safe

With the right protection, airsoft is a completely safe sport to play. Sensitive body parts such as the eyes definitely require protective clothing, however, the actual impact of the BBs is generally considered to cause only as small amount of pain to the recipient.

If you’re apprehensive about starting the sport, don’t be! As long as you have ample ammunition, adequate protective gear and a plentiful supply of food, there’s no reason for you to not have a fun (and safe) weekend of skirmishes.

  1. You don’t have to be rich to play

Airsoft guns range from budget weapons (with prices around £10 for a pistol) to hugely expensive weapons such as this Vulcan Mini Gun which will set you back a cool £3,195!

Whilst these may be extreme examples, it goes to show anyone can afford to participate in the sport, regardless of their budget.

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