The Benefits of Silicone Based Lubricants for Airsoft and Traditional Guns

19th Apr 2016

The Benefits of Silicone Based Lubricants for Airsoft and Traditional Guns

As with many products containing mechanical parts, both airsoft and traditional guns can benefit immensely from the inclusion of a high quality lubricant on their internal components.

Why use a lubricant?

The purpose of a lubricant is to provide a fluid medium between two surfaces in order to reduce the amount of friction which is present and allow for ease of movement with reduced resistance.

This is a crucial tool to utilise when maintaining guns, car engines and other machinery which rely on the smooth movement of mechanical parts to maintain efficiency, performance and output.

The integration of a high quality lubricant will also allow for smooth motion in high pressure circumstances. This is hugely beneficial for predominantly metal guns where the pressure levels are far higher than those found in guns with a mostly plastic construction.

Now that we understand the reasons for using lubricants in mechanical products, why should you specifically use a silicone lubricant instead of conventional, organic products such as oils and other solutions?

The Advantages of Using Silicone Lubricant

Silicone is ideal for long term use due to its resistance to extreme factors such as high temperatures and oxidation, as this enables it to be used for longer periods of time than would be possible for the alternatives.

Furthermore, its high thermal stability ensures the efficacy of these characteristics will remain consistent even under the extremely high temperature situations.

Their high spreading and high compressibility limit the internal pressures (viscosity increases) that can build within silicone materials when they are used as lubricants. This limits their load-carrying capacity compared to organic lubricants with the same initial viscosity.

However, silicone lubricants do have sufficient load-carrying capacity for all metal-to-plastic and plastic-to-plastic lubrication applications.

In addition, silicone lubricants spread far more easily throughout the machinery compared to organic compounds.

This is advantageous for intricately constructed products which usually require disassembly before cleaning and maintenance is conducted as silicone lubricant can help speed up this process considerably.

Silicone is also an inert compound which essentially means it does not react with other elements and, therefore, does not produce any unwanted by-products when used.

As a result, silicone becomes the perfect solution for lubricating sensitive equipment such as food dispensers and high powered airsoft guns as the lubrication provided is not only high quality, but also cleaner and purer than other alternatives.

Because it is highly resistant to oxidation (a process which leads to build ups of rust and corrosion), using silicone lubricant also helps to extend the life of machinery by reducing the damage caused.

Silicone lubricant is ideal for use in both personal and industrial applications for the lubrication, preservation and optimisation of mechanical parts. 

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