How to Improve your Airsoft Gun

9th Feb 2016

How to Improve your Airsoft Gun's Performance

No matter how proficient an airsoft player you are, using lacklustre, poorly maintained equipment is sure to hinder your performance on the battlefield.

Every airsoft player wants to get the most from their gear and, by making intelligent decisions about the combination of weapons, gas and ammunition used; you can easily improve the power and accuracy of your weapon and start landing more shots on the enemy team.

1. Invest in Your a Good Weapon

Whilst you are by no means required to remortgage your house to buy your first airsoft gun, it is important to invest a decent amount of money if possible.

Budget weapons are often comprised of cheap plastics and other lower quality materials. These weapons can be subject to damage and breakages more easily than weapons with a strong plastic/metal construction.

Furthermore, the components within a premium weapon will be far more durable and the firing cycle is less likely to fail which is extremely beneficial, especially during a skirmish.

Finally, weapons with a stronger build quality will be able to withstand higher pressure gases. This not only means there are more options available to you but you can also gain the benefits associated with using high pressure gases.

2. Use Quality Gas

Implementing a premium propellant gas into the magazine of your airsoft gun is hugely important as it allows you to achieve a much higher velocity as well as flatter trajectories, making for far more accurate shots.

Another characteristic of high quality gases is their superior performance in cold weather. Products such as Vertex Gas allow players to remain operational during the winter whilst those who use cheaper gases may experience a substantial loss of power as well as the potential for a gun to fail.

3. Regular Maintenance

As with all mechanical equipment, guns need to be regularly maintained in order to ensure they operate in full working order.

It is advised to perform maintenance on your weapon before you leave for a weekend of skirmishes to avoid malfunctioning as well as to optimise performance and accuracy.

Many of Abbey Supply’s gases contain silicone based lubricant which helps mechanical parts move as designed without unwanted friction allowing you to service guns less frequently.

4. Install Attachments

Using attachments on your gun won’t directly improve velocity or trajectory of the BB, however, it will increase the functionality of your weapon and make it overall easier to use.

There are numerous different grips, sights, scopes and laser sights available which can help you target enemy players far more accurately – all of which are easy for anyone to install.

For instance, as a sniper, most combat situations will warrant the use of a scope with high magnification so you can spot distance targets and improve your chances of landing successful hits.

Conversely, players on the frontline may find the use of laser sights and short or holographic scopes beneficial due to their close quarters properties and their comparatively small size will also help rifles and SMG’s to maintain a light weight.

5. Use the Correct BBs

Airsoft retailers stock BBs in varying weights which allows players to further customise their equipment to suit their playstyle.

With heavier BBs, the trajectory is altered less by the Magnus effect, creating a flatter path than lighter BBs with the same hop-up arrangement.

Whilst there is not necessarily a correct BB weight to use, heavier BB’s typically provide an easier shooting experience due to the flight path of the pellet but will require high power gas and a strongly built gun with high FPS to safely facilitate their use.

As you can see, there’s a lot you can do to develop the out-of-the-box performance of your airsoft guns as well as improve its functionality. Implementing any of these points to your weapons is sure to assist your performance in the battlefield and help lead your team to victory.

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