Which Airsoft Gas is Best to Use?

12th Jan 2018

Which Airsoft Gas is Best to Use?

With that many different products on the market which (on the face of it) do the same thing, it’s difficult to tell which airsoft gas is the best for your needs. At Abbey Supply, we sell 5 different kinds of airsoft gases, not to mention the different kinds sold by other companies. So, in this article we’re going to clear that up for you and tell you which Abbey gas is the best for which scenario.

The best Airsoft gas to use will depend on what weapon you are using (namely, the material of the moving parts) and the temperature outside will determine which gas you should be using. 

Weapon Type

Plastic Slides and Bolts

Weapons with plastic parts, such as pistols from Tokyo Marui (plastic slide) will need a weaker gas. The slide is lightweight, so an acceptable FPS can be gained with a weaker gas and the slide is weaker, so a more powerful gas will eventually crack and break the slide.

Our gas for these purposes is Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144a.

Metal Slides and Bolts

Metal pistols have a heavier more durable slide and the bolt inside GBBRs is usually a hard metal. They’re often designed to take a bit of a beating and if properly lubricated and cleaned, they’ll last a life-time.

Due to the fact that the heavier slide/bolt requires more energy to pull back, we recommend a more powerful gas. This helps keep your fps high enough and your cycle rate crisp.

For this we recommend Abbey Predator Ultra, although in colder weather, you may want to jump to Abbey Predator Vertex Gas.

Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles or high accuracy gas DMRs naturally require accuracy.

Whilst all of our gases use the most minimal amount of silicone oil possible, some players want more. For this we developed Abbey Brut Sniper Gas, which is a 0% lubricant gas. It prevents any potential oil from reaching the hop-up and causing a drop in accuracy and range.


Weather Type

Warm weather

Warm weather increases the pressure of the gas in its container. This increases the FPS of the weapon and increases the internal stresses. If your gas gun is close to the FPS limits on a standard temperature day, you may find that the same gas puts you over the limit. This is when you should use a slightly lower pressure gas.

For rifles which usually use Abbey Predator Vertex Gas, you may want to drop down to Abbey Predator Ultra.

Cold Weather

In the exact inverse to hot weather, the colder weather drops the pressure inside the gun and makes some guns cycle slower and at a lower FPS. If this is the case, use a higher pressure gas.

Try using Abbey Predator Ultra Gas for Plastic pistols in colder weather, for example.


Storage Gas

A gas which you may not be aware of is one used for storage. When your magazine is in storage, the o-rings in the valves and seals may potentially dry out and crack, meaning they’ll no longer keep their seal.

For this, we introduced Abbey Maintenance Gas. It’s formulated with extra lubricant to keep those o-rings and seals fresh. Do not use this gas for skirmishing or shooting.



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