Getting Started in Airsoft: What you Need to Know

7th Jan 2020

Getting Started in Airsoft: What you Need to Know

Trying a new sport can be strange at first and, for those looking at getting into airsoft, the large amount of equipment, advanced tactics and expert players may seem incredibly daunting.

However, there’s no need to worry, as even the most elite of players were once modest beginners. With practice and determination, anyone can develop their skills and become a proficient, deadly airsoft player and be instrumental in your team claiming victory.

If you’re just beginning, here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Do your Research

This section is not intended to put prospective players off the idea of joining the airsoft community but, instead, to prepare you for what the game is all about.

Unlike some other sports, airsoft games regularly take place over a many hours and, in some cases an entire weekend. You can expect to regularly play outside in a range of temperatures and environments and no two games will be the same.

Additionally, most games types will require you to work excellently with your team mates and be conscious about not only your own situation but the rest of your squad as well. Tactics are a crucial aspect of airsoft and is one of the aspects which will separate the winners from the losers.

Finally, although airsoft is incredibly safe, it does require players to wear adequate protection, especially for sensitive areas such as the eyes. Being hit by a BB from a high powered weapon can be painful, depending on your pain threshold and, occasionally, this can cause a bruise or even draw blood.

2. The Right Locations

Picking a location to play at is important for a number of reasons.

If you’re looking to play regularly then you’ll want to choose somewhere relatively close to home to make travel easy as well as inexpensive. Similarly, you’ll want to choose a game area which is also convenient for the friends you intend to play with.

Furthermore, if you don’t plan to purchase your equipment, make sure to find a location which offers rental services to make sure you have access to the relevant gear needed on the day.

It is also important to be mindful of the intricacies of the location you pick. Different game organisers may have individual rules in places such as the maximum power of guns permitted and this could potentially influence your teams choice of equipment and tactics.

3. Wearing Safety Equipment

This leads us to the next section: the equipment you’re going to use and how to allocate your budget. If you plan on purchasing your own guns and clothing, this can save you money in the long term, especially if you plan on playing regularly.

The first and most important things to buy are the protective equipment and accessories for your face and body – it’s no good having the most powerful gun on the market if you get shot in the eye and sustain an injury.

As mentioned before, airsoft is a completely safe action sport, but players still need to take the appropriate measures to minimise the level of risk they expose themselves to.

The most important parts of the body will be your eyes and other parts of the face as these are the most sensitive to damage, however, it is also important to wear appropriate protection on your torso, legs and hands as your are likely to be hit here.

4. Choose your Role Carefully

Before you go buying an expensive gun, you will need to research the main roles within airsoft and identify which one will suit you best.

Choosing the right role can depend on a number of factors including your body type, fitness levels, familiarity with certain guns and playing styles and more.

Players may change their position from game to game or weekend to weekend but it will be advantageous if you can find one to specialise in. This will allow you to refine your tactics as well as increase your skill with a specific type of gun and certain combat scenarios.

Find out more about the different roles in airsoft by clicking here.

5. Correct Weapons for your Role

As you can see, there is a lot to consider before you finally purchase that all important first weapon and, as this is commonly the most expensive piece of equipment in a players arsenal, you will want to choose carefully.

Airsoft has become increasingly popular and, fortunately, this has meant companies now produce weapons for budgets of all sizes. It’s advisable to be conservative on your first purchase as you’re just getting to grips with the sport and, naturally, your preferences may change later down the line.

Whilst choosing a cheaper weapon can be great in the short term, bear in mind that there is a definite correlation between price and quality when it comes to airsoft guns.

Extremely inexpensive, predominantly plastic weapons are known to break fairly easily and this may ultimately cost you more than if you had purchased a more durable, metal-based weapon instead.

6. Have Fun

Like any new venture, getting into airsoft involves a number of decisions and there may be a number of items you need to purchase before your first skirmish.

However, once everything is in place and you have acquainted yourself with the rules and protocols, you’ll soon find yourself becoming increasingly accustomed to the ways of the game and your skill will naturally develop as a result.

Airsoft is all about having fun and, whilst many players will strive for the utmost military realism (especially in MilSim), everyone picks up their weapon for the same mutual reason at the end of the day!

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