What is MilSim?

6th Jan 2020

What is MilSim?

Airsoft is an intense action sport, with players competing with one another in countries across the world in a multitude of different game types.

For those looking to further immerse themselves into the airsoft universe, MilSim may well be the perfect next step to take.

MilSim is short for ‘Military Simulation’ and has been designed to provide enthusiasts with the ultimate combat experience whilst still using non-lethal airsoft guns.

Whilst all types of airsoft skirmishes rely heavily on patience, tactics and skill in order to be successful, MilSim takes things that much further through the incorporation of realistic military-specific objectives and authentic battlegrounds.

There are two main types of MilSim: Re-enactment and Simulation. Both of these have specific features and there are many different organisations dedicated to organising a variety of MilSim games.


Re-enactment games place an emphasis on recreating specific events from the past. Organisers and players will take every measure to ensure these battles are as authentic as possible and this is reflected by the clothing, weaponry and team sizes incorporated into the game.

These battles can be based on a range of famous historical eras including the Vietnam War, World War II and modern day conflicts. This presents participants with a wide variety of exciting options to choose from and adds a level of immersion which cannot be found in many standard skirmishes.

More elaborate re-enactments may even call upon the help of ex-military members who help add authenticity to the events which unfold during the course of the game by advising on particular weapons, clothing, tactics, locations and other areas.


Simulation comprises a large part of MilSim and the driving force behind the creation of this game type is the aim of taking airsoft beyond simply shooting other players.

These games incorporate extremely realistic objectives and the choice of locations is typically more specific in order to facilitate the desired experience.

Simulation objectives can include capturing certain positions in the game area, rescuing a hostage or even defusing a bomb. These objectives help to promote more tactical playstyles and divert from the experience from more casual ‘run-and-gun’ games.

For example, a simulation game may place players in an airfield whereby they must breach and infiltrate a disused aeroplane to neutralise terrorists and rescue a hostage in order to claim victory.

Furthermore, players are often provided with an extensive briefing prior to a game in which they will be informed of pre-established story lines, mission tactics, rules of engagement and more. This helps to cement important knowledge within the squad as well as add tension!

Simulation games will often require players to be more focused than they would be in a conventional airsoft game as there are numerous different aspects of the game to be conscious of at any one time.

MilSim is quickly becoming an increasingly popular option for airsoft players all across the world and constant advancements in technology have allowed simulation and re-enactments to become more and more realistic whilst still being completely safe to play.

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