6 Tips for Airsoft Snipers

9th Jun 2016

6 Tips for Airsoft Snipers

Snipers play an important role in airsoft skirmishes, with their combination of long range combat and espionage skills being able to greatly affect the success of the entire team.


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If you’re a passionate airsoft sniper or looking to start playing and are interested in adopting this fascinating role, this blog will provide you with a few key tips to arm yourself with before you enter the battlefield.

  1. Stay hidden

One of the underlying elements of playing a sniper in an airsoft combat scenario is remaining hidden throughout the entirety of the skirmish.

This not only prevents you from being hit by the enemy team but also allows for you to scout their location from afar without being identified as a target yourself.

Snipers help instil a certain amount of apprehension and indecisiveness in the enemy team simply from them being aware of their presence on the battlefield.

This concept will be extremely beneficial for teams with highly skilled marksmen who can utilise their distance and invisibility to great effect by reducing the enemy team size from afar, making it far easier for their squad to engage enemy targets on the frontline.

Depending on the environment you are playing in (and your budget), you may also wish to consider wearing purpose-built camouflaged clothing such as a ghillie suit to maximise your concealability.

This type of equipment is permitted in the vast majority of skirmish sites and can make it extremely difficult for the enemy to spot you in areas with heavy vegetation as you blend almost seamlessly into your surroundings without obscuring your vision.

  1. Use the correct scopes

To understand which scopes (and other attachments) you’ll need to use, it’s a good idea to know your surroundings so it may be beneficial to research the game zone prior to the skirmish itself.

Understanding the typical range you’ll be engaging targets with is paramount, as is equipping your weapon with a scope which can facilitate these types of shots.

Choosing a sight with the wrong level of magnification will make it much harder to land successful hits on the enemy and will force you to move in closer, increasing the risk of you being shot.

Furthermore, there are a huge range of varied skirmish sites across the world including large and small locations with terrain ranging from dense forests to tightly packed urban environments.

As a result, players often bring other attachments such as bipods (underslung legs installed at the front of a weapon) which allow shots to be stabilised more effectively on uneven terrain and cover objects.

This may be another consideration if you are planning on venturing to many different skirmish sites over a long period of time to further increase your versatility.

  1. Carry a sidearm

Despite the name of a sniper being explicitly referential to their primary weapon, ensuring you also have quick access to a powerful side arm is important for when enemies discover your location as well as allowing you to generally be more versatile in the battlefield.

Snipers typically pack weapons such as pistols and compact SMGs to improve their effectiveness in close combat scenarios as they are much more accurate and deadly when engaging opponents over short distances when compared with their primary weapon.

Whilst most players who choose this role will want to be utilising the advanced power of a sniper rifle for the majority of the session, it is inevitable you will need to act spontaneously on the battlefield and, as a result, carrying a secondary weapon is crucial.

  1. Be patient

Most positions in airsoft require a calm and methodical mind-set coupled with carefully incorporated tactics to achieve victory and this is especially true for airsoft snipers.

As a sniper, the majority of your time will be spent not actually firing your weapon but, instead, observing the enemy and carefully selecting the optimum time to engage them based on the position of you and your team as well as your objectives at that time.

Exercising patience will allow you to place more calculated shots on the enemy team and will help both to increase your successful hit rate and avoid detection for longer.

Choosing a good location and practicing timed breathing when prior to firing your weapon will help you to gain a clear view of your opposition whilst also improving the stability of the shots you fire.

  1. Use the right gas

This is true for any position within airsoft; however, insufficiently powerful gas will have an even greater impact for snipers due to the distance between them and the target.

Because your effective range is far greater than your frontline comrades, it is vitally important to have a gas which can allow you to flatten the trajectory of your shots over long distances.

BBs begin to lose their altitude as soon as they leave the gun’s barrel and this, combined with any wind resistance present on the day, will make it much more challenging to achieve precision on the battlefield.

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