4 Tips for Playing Airsoft in Warm Weather

16th Jun 2016

4 Tips for Playing Airsoft in Warm Weather

It’s that time of year again and, whilst some people may be adorning their favourite pair of Hawaii-themed swimming trunks, dedicated airsoft players will see the emergence of the sun as another opportunity to get into the field for even more skirmishes.

Summer is an exciting time of the year and a great time for airsoft players, however, there a few things to consider before straight back into the heat of battle – no pun intended.

  1. Get the Right Gas

Much like in winter, varying temperatures can cause profound changes to the composition of airsoft gases and this will inevitably have a knock on effect on the performance of your weapons.

Hot environments cause gases to expand even further which increases both their pressure and the potential velocity which can be delivered to BBs when the trigger is fired.

Whilst it may be an annoyance in winter, this is actually very beneficial for airsoft players during summer as they are now able to choose from an assortment of gases (including lower powered variants) whilst still retaining the same high performance they desire.

  1. Dress Accordingly

This might seem like a given however, when the degrees begin to rise, it’s important to carefully choose your clothing in order to not only facilitate effective combat manoeuvres but, also, to stop you from overheating and becoming fatigued.

The typical thick body armour and other heavy duty apparel used in winter may not be ideal for warm weather scenarios as they can leave players tired, sweating heavily and generally not enjoying the game.

Instead, we advise you opt for clothing which is lighter and more breathable in order to keep your temperatures consistent and stay satisfied throughout the whole weekend.

You can also use the hot weather to your advantage in the clothing department as warmer weather will permit the use of shorts, sleeveless tops and lighter under armour which can not only lessen your overall weight but can also help you to be more nimble too.

  1. Nutrition

An incredibly important part of any sport, your diet before, during and after summer skirmishes will provide you with all the energy and hydration you require in order to be an effective member of your team as long as you plan correctly.

Make sure to start off the day with a balanced breakfast to prepare yourself for the upcoming games and, also, ensure you have either prepared a lunch or there are on-site facilities for you to use at the site in order to prevent you from feeling hungry.

Water is another massively important part of your diet, particularly in the hotter months, and you should therefore increase your intake to counteract the loss of moisture which occurs from sweating throughout the day.

If you have the capacity, carrying a spare bottle of water on your person is a great way to ensure you always have a way of topping up if you every feel dehydrated without weighing you down too much – you can always fill up at the safe zone too.

  1. Camouflage

As we creep into the middle months of the year, flowers, trees and other vegetation begin to flourish and, as a result, the general colour pallet and of the surrounding area will begin to change drastically.

It is important to consider whether or not this will compromise the effectiveness of your camouflage and it may be worth investing in more appropriately designed equipment to remain blended with the environment and hidden during combat.

This is especially true for snipers and espionage-based roles such as scouts who need to prioritise stealth tactics in order to complete their duties in the field and support the rest of their team.

  1. Stay out of the Sun (when you can)

For many people (especially us Britons) baking heat can be an unusual experience and one which we are definitely not accustomed to.

For this reason, try to stay out of the direct sunlight whenever possible in order to avoid sunburn, sunstroke and other nasty side effects which can occur from prolonged exposure to the elements.

This shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you are playing in heavily forested areas however, if your skirmish is taking place in a more open environment, be sure to pack some sun lotion with you for maximum protection.

Summer is a fantastic time of the year, especially for airsoft players. By using these top tips you can keep playing great airsoft games whilst ensuring you remain safe, hydrated and, most importantly, enjoying the game at all times!

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