Airsoft Gas Extension Nozzle

Some airsoft gas magazines have a deep recessed fill port, making it sometimes difficult to fill the magazine with a gas bottle.

This is why we have released our Airsoft Gas Extension Nozzle. It’s a small brass extension tube that is placed onto the nozzle of the gas bottle with a firm but positive connection. This nozzle extends the gas bottle’s fill nozzle without introducing any gas leaks, and allows you to fill trickier magazines with your favourite gas.


  • Heavy Duty
  • Reduces Leaks
  • Double stackable to make the extension longer
  • Works with most Airsoft gas magazine
  • Simple plug & play fitting
  • No tools required
  • Works with pistol mags, gas rifle mags, and other gas storage devices
  • Be sure to look after it as this is a small item it could be easily lost


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