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Abbey Universal Sportsmans Silicone Cloth

- Repels moisture and dirt

- Non fingerprinting

- Highly protective dry finish

- High sheen for the well cared for look

- Safe to use on all metal, wood, glass and laminate finishes

- Prevents rusting & corrosion

Wipe over all fine outdoor equipment, including sporting guns, scopes, rods, reels, golf clubs, bikes, boats and auto accessories to repel moisture and dirt.

Abbey Gun & Rifle Oil

- Lubricates

- Protects from rusting and corrosion

- Penetrates to loosen rust

An excellent general purpose light mineral oil for all guns, accessories and equipment requiring a light oil.

Available in both 125ml long spout tin and 150ml aerosol.

Abbey Gun Clean

- Specially formulated to remove all nitro and black powder deposits

- Protects against further corrosion from gunpowder deposits and rusting

- Will not gum or jam ejectors

Removes gunpowder deposits from all guns and applies a rust inhibiting film to prevent corrosion.

Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35

- Produces high sheen finish

- Stops the corrosive effects of fingerprints on barrels

- Highly water and dirt repellent

- Beneficial to both barrel and stock

- Does not evaporate like mineral oils

Produces a fine high sheen finish on all guns and accessories that protects from moisture and dirt, eliminating rusting and corrosion. Excellent lubricant for leather and plastic air gun washers.

Available in both 30ml dropper bottle and 150ml aerosol.

Abbey Gun Grease LT 2

- Maximises power from airgun springs

- Ensures fast smooth action

- Improves performance and reliability

- Reduces maintenance

- Lengthens life of components

- Reduces wear

- Protects from aggressive corrosive gases

Use on compression springs, trigger mountings and release mechanisms, loading bolts, firing pin arrangements, and all moving parts where excellent slip, smooth operation and anti corrosive properties are required. 

Abbey GunLube SM50

- Excellent lubricant for all airgun washers

- Excellent lubricant for all sporting guns, rifles & pistols

- Improves performance through smoother action

- Maximises power by reducing drag

- Non gumming

- Non dieseling in air guns

- Excellent rust inhibitor as it does not evaporate like mineral oils

Recommended lubricant for high velocity moving parts, air gun compression chambers, firing pins in all sporting guns and any area where sliding friction is encountered.

Abbey Silicone Grease (Airgun Valve Seal)

- Ensures maximum performance and power from older airguns

- Excellent sealant and lubricant if wear is suspected

- Compatible with all other Abbey Products

- Recommended for airsoft guns

Recommended for older airguns to maintain power and performance and anytime a white grease is preferred.

Abbey Blu-Gel

- Repairs scratches, blemishes & worn blueing

- Safe & simple to use gel formulation

- No need for expensive hot blueing

Restores airguns, rifles, pistols and shotguns to their original finish.

Abbey Gun Degreasing Spray

- Will not harm blueing, chrome or engraving

- Ensures complete removal of all oil and grease deposits prior to reblueing etc

- Convenient and safe to use on all guns

Removes gummed oil and grease, thoroughly cleans barrels prior to reblueing.

Abbey Lens Clean

- totally new lens cleaner for multi coated telescopic sights

- anti static brush removes large dirt deposits and packing material

- value for money pump spray bottle

A gentle and effective cleaning fluid for todays high quality rifle scopes.
Available as a kit containing lens clean solution in a 100ml pump spary bottle, a soft optical cloth and antistatic brush. Each item is also sold separately.

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