Silicone Gun Oil


Abbey Silicone Gun Oil is our high-quality silicone oil designed to protect your firearm in storage and during use. This is a light viscosity silicone oil and a few drops into a clean, lint free cloth, can protect your firearm from all common forms of corrosion.

Abbey Silicone Gun Oil comes in both 30ml bottles and 150ml aerosol cans.

Protects against moisture and grease

A thin layer of Abbey Silicone Gun Oil across the metal surfaces of your firearm will prevent fingerprints, moisture and other substances from damaging the surface finish of your gun. The silicone finish provides a protective barrier against harmful finger grease, oxidation and moisture during everyday use and during storage.

Long Lasting Protection

Silicone Gun Oil doesn’t evaporate like other oils. The protective layer you give your firearm will last for as long as the gun’s in storage, until heavy usage, or until you clean it off. There’s no need to check on your firearm’s condition when it’s in storage, but we recommend you do anyway!

In-field Protection

The protective oil barrier makes moisture and dirt bead off the surface of your firearm. Your weapons stay cleaner for longer and have a protective barrier against the corrosion that those contaminants bring. You can focus on enjoying yourself during a shoot, rather than protecting your firearms.

Abbey Silicone Gun Oil is our high-quality, low-viscosity silicone-based lubricant perfect for gas, electric and spring airsoft guns. Silicone Gun Oil has multiple uses, from forming a protective barrier against the elements, through to rejuvenating o-rings and lubricating plastic components.

The lubricant is silicone based, so unlike mineral oils it won’t dry out over time and it’s low-viscosity means it easily forms a protective barrier across any surface.

It comes in small 30ml dropper bottles and 150ml spray cans, perfect for any application.

Keep O-Rings Sealed

O-rings need oil to keep up a perfect seal. Our dropper bottles are perfect to apply small amounts directly onto o-rings during disassembly, cleaning and maintenance. Alternatively, our spray bottles are great for getting into tight spaces, or dousing valves in oil.

Protective barrier

A small protective barrier of Silicone Gun Oil can be applied to exposed raw metal to inhibit corrosion. The protective oil barrier rejects moisture, grease, and dirt, and prevents rust and oxidation from penetrating the metal. Apply directly to the metal or liberally onto a cloth for wiping down.

Plastic Lubricant

Lubricants designed for use where two metals contact are ineffective when used on plastic. The low viscosity of our Silicone Gun Oil means it can elliminate friction on plastic components such as tappet plates, triggers, blowback-housings etc.

Non-harmful to Wood

Wood furniture on your airsoft gun can easily be damaged by mineral oils. The mineral oil soaks in and compromises the strength, eventually leading to failure. Silicone oil will not penetrate wood and does not damage it over time. Your expensive wood furniture is safe around silicone oil.


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