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We have been working with Abbey Company since 2007 and are the official distributor for Romania.

Monica Ianculescu, Manager - S.C. ODESCO SNACK
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BASC  The British Association for Shooting and Conservation


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Gun Cleaning Products

Abbey Supply - Experts in Gun Care


Abbey Supply produces a wide range of gun cleaning products designed for both new starters and seasoned professionals. Our products remove dirt, moisture and other contaminants from your guns to ensure smooth, optimal firing for maximum power, performance and accuracy.

In addition, we also supply gun care products which help to maintain and enhance the appearance of your weapon including our popular Universal Sportsmans Cloth.


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Products for Shotgun & Rifles

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Abbey Universal Sportsmans ClothOur Universal Sportsmans Cloth is the perfect way to clean a variety of equipment as well as preventing rust and corrosion from forming.


Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 ThumbAbbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 is a high quality silicone lubricant which protects and lubricates your guns for the best performance possible.


ABLENSCLEAN3Abbey Multi Coated Lens Cleaner is able to demist equipment whilst remaining smear-free. This is hugely beneficial as your googles, glasses and scopes will remain clear for longer.


We have designed our microfiber cloth to gently and effectively clean modern high power scopes and other delicate equipment without causing any scratching or damage.ABLENSCOLTH3


ABBLUGEL3Provides a deep, even blueing of gun barrels and other metal parts quickly and easily.  


Abbey Degreasing Spray ThumbAbbey Degreasing Spray is recommended for servicing all airsoft guns. It helps to quickly and easily remove both mineral and silicone based greases for more efficient servicing of your weapons.


Abbey Stock FinishHelps to keep your airgun's stock in pristine condition as well as preventing from damage caused by knocks and abrasions. 

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We have been working with Abbey Company since 2007 and are the official distributor for Romania.
Monica Ianculescu, Assistant Manager - S.C. ODESCO SNACK
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