When To Use Predator Gun Gas 144a

9th Nov 2016

When To Use Predator Gun Gas 144a

Here at Abbey Supply, we produce a huge number of different gases for airsoft guns, of which Predator Gun Gas 144a is the least powerful.

This begs the question, when (or why) should you be using it?

Put simply, Predator Gun Gas 144a is ideal for use in skirmishes during hot weather conditions.

As the temperature rises, gas particles expand and this causes the pressure to increase as result. A higher pressure means you can fire shots with higher velocities whilst using the same gun and gas setup, as long as the temperature remains high.

But surely that can only be a good thing, right?

The Problem With Hot Temperatures

Whilst a higher velocity can be a certainly help increase your performance in the field, it can also become a nuisance when trying to remain within a site’s feet per second (FPS) limits.

Some game sites have specific rules which you’ll need to adhere to and, by combining the most powerful gas on the market with an ultra-high spec gun, you may well just exceed them.


In addition, the increased gas velocity attributed to playing in hot climates can also cause undue damage to your airsoft weapons if not properly controlled.

Weapons which contain plastic components may be unable to withstand the newly elevated power output and this can lead to parts such as slides, feed nozzles and piston heads cracking or even breaking entirely.

It’s in these situations where 144a gas becomes such an effective addition to your arsenal.

High Quality Formulation

You may be familiar with Predator Ultra Gas - one of our most popular products to date.

One of the things which makes Ultra Gas such a favourite among the airsoft community is its advanced formulation which comes complete with a light, silicone-based lubricant.

This lubricant helps players achieve accurate shots with flat trajectories whilst simultaneously ensuring fluid movement for all internal components.

Fortunately, both of our 144a gases contain this exact same lubricant. This means you can take advantage of the great benefits of Ultra Gas, but with a lower pressure for use in hot temperatures.

An Alternative To 134a

For many years, airsoft players used 134a gas (emphasis on the “3” there!) to power their weapons. However, this gas has now been banned due to its use of ‘Freon’, a substance which is harmful to the earth’s atmosphere.

Our 144a gas is a direct replacement to the previous generation 134a gas which combines all of the same power, with a new high quality lubricant and, of course, a complete removal of Freon (as well as HFCs and CFCs).

If your gun’s manufacturer recommends using 134a gas in the manual, simply grab a can of 144a - it will work just fine!

Let’s Wrap This Up

Available in 700ml aerosol cans, Abbey Supply’s Predator Gun Gas 144a is ideal for filling up your airsoft magazines before a day of skirmishes on a hot summer’s day and will help to keep you within the site’s FPS limits, as well as preventing damage to your gun.

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