Kit List: Naked Snake - Metal Gear

26th May 2017

Kit List: Naked Snake - Metal Gear

Once again it’s time for Kit List, our monthly series of blogs that cover video game, film and TV characters and the gear that they use and wear.

This month, as voted by you on our Facebook page is Naked Snake from the Video Game Series Metal Gear, AKA Big Boss.

As always with our video game based Kit List blogs, one of the main aspects of the games are their customisability. The metal gear series of games allows you to customise the way your character looks, the weapons they use and the equipment they carry. As such, these Kit Lists can only be an approximation.

Naked Snake is the oldest of the ‘snakes’ in the Metal Gear Solid video game franchise, a former Green Beret, CIA black ops field agent, “The Legendary Soldier”, and “The Greatest Warrior of the 20th Century”.


There are a huge plethora of weapons available in the video game franchise, but there are a couple that are iconic to the characters.

XM16E1 (an early test and evaluation version of the M16A1)

MK22 “hush puppy” modified to fire tranquilizer darts
M1911A1 – with competition sights and trigger, match slide, bevelled mag well and disengaged grip safety.

A full list of weapons available in the Metal Gear franchise is available here. Anything canon within the game should work well for this impression.

Head Gear

Naked Snake’s character doesn’t offer much in the way of functional headgear, but what the character uses is not only iconic, but cheap as chips – making this impression one of the easiest to reach.

Assuming you don’t have hair as luscious as our character, you’re probably going to need to find yourself a brunette, mullet-esque wig. 3 words I didn’t think I would ever write in an Abbey Supply blog.

Character also uses a dark grey bandana, pay attention to the length of the trailing ends. Finally, a badass eye patch over his right eye – not exactly ideal for aiming down sight or depth perception.


As with many video games, it’s possible for Naked Snake/Big Boss to change his outfit to fit the surrounding environment, including mimicking soldier to infiltrate the enemy. However, in most cases, on the colour of the camouflage changes, the basis of the rig, protection, etc remains the same.

In the materials that we’re choosing to base our impression on naked snake is wearing the standard Olive Drab base camo. In this instance, he is wearing an Olive Drab (OD) Combat BDU.

Over the top Naked Snake (not actually naked) is wearing a standard OD Belt with attached Pouches. The pouches are the old style standard GI issue M16 pouches, canteen and large medical pouch on the rear. Beneath the belt rig is an OD extraction harness.

Next come all the little sundries that are attached, such as the tactical knife attached to the harness on the left shoulder/chest area. On the arms are black bicep protectors, a form of body armour. Lower down the arms are black low-profile elbow pads with a black undershirt showing and long black perforated leather shooting gloves with the thumb, index and middle finger removed.

Lower Half

The legs are covered in more OD BDU trousers or “Cargo Pants”. The right leg features a drop leg fabric holster for the sidearm, quite highly placed on the leg.

The right knee is covered in what looks to be a standard knee brace, but could be a form of knee pad. There doesn’t seem to be any padding in it, but then who wears a knee brace on the outside of their clothing? It’s a stylistic choice I think.

Finally, Naked Snake finished off his ensemble with standard issue 8 inch tactical boots, polished to a mirror shine.


Overall this kit, providing you don’t have anything already and you’re buying some of the more expensive items available, can be yours for…



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