5 Most Expensive Airsoft Sniper Rifles On The Market

30th Jun 2017

5 Most Expensive Airsoft Sniper Rifles On The Market

Airsoft Sniper Rifles are some of the highest precision, tightest tolerance, greatest accuracy (and subsequently the most expensive) rifles that you can get in airsoft.

We’ve pulled together 5 of the most expensive for you to have a drool over!

Here are 5 of the most expensive airsoft sniper rifles available on the market.

1.Ares DSR-1 - £960

Ares has been producing high quality airsoft replicas since 2010, including AEGs, gas guns and springers. In 2011, Ares announced their fully licensed DSR-1 Replica sniper rifle. The original DSR-1, developed by DSR Precision GmbH was developed as a specialised sniper rifle for police sharpshooters.

The Ares DSR-1 is a fully trademarked, fully adjustable replica down to every detail. The price includes adjustable bipod, stock and monopod, a 3.5-10 x 50mm optic and is compatible with Co2 Magazine.

Interestingly, the DSR-1 is a bullpup rifle, with a spare magazine mountable in front of the trigger, reducing reload speed. This is a fully functioning interesting feature on the airsoft version also.

2.LWA Custom DMR Longsword – £999

Land Warrior Airsoft’s LONGSWORD DMR is a custom built sniper solution for those that like to put down rapid follow up shots. The designated marksmen rifle is custom built using a G&P M4 as the base.

However, this is not one of those ‘custom’ rifles that only has externals tacked on, without touching the internals. The Longsword is fully upgraded internally to match the awesome looking externals of this sniper rifle. The internals feature an uprated Ultimate M140-170 motor, High Speed Gears, Madbull Tight Bore Barrel, Ultimate M170 Piston, Ultimate Piston Head and an Airsoft Systems Control Unit. These upgrades make this AEG more than capable of accurate fire and follow up shots at 450fps.

3.KTW Lee Enfield No.4 - £1150

Stepping back from the modern weapons systems but stepping up again in price is KTW’s Lee Enfield No.4. The Lee Enfield No.4 was officially adopted in 1941 and only had minute changes from previous models, but these greatly improved it’s mass-produceability.

KTW’s airsoft replica of this iconic rifle feature a solid wood stock and full metal receiver, giving it a realistic feel, weight and balance. The Rifle is spring powered, giving the opportunity to upgrade to 500fps and achieve some impressive long shots.

4.Socom Gear Barrett M107 GBB - £1280

One of the largest rifles available – the Barrett m107. This replica from Socom Gear is not your usual kit gun with a v2 gearbox inside. This beast is a co2, gas blow back, shell ejecting 8mm power house weighing in at 11.5kg without an optic.

The rifle (cannon?) comes with its own custom hard case, bipod and monopod. Each individual shell holds one 8mm BB and the co2 gas required to propel the BB and operate the ‘shell ejection’ feature, making the gun feel much more realistic.

5.Airsoft Surgeon XM2010 - £4500

Finally on our list of most expensive airsoft sniper rifles is Airsoft Surgeon’s XM2010. Airsoft Surgeon is a world renowned name in the custom airsoft pistol market, producing impressive pieces for the AIPSC market. However, occasionally they step out and produce something different.

The XM2010 is based on the Remington M700 with a CNC aluminium chassis. Mounted on top is a beautiful 8-32x50-sf scope with canted micro RDS. However, this isn’t one of those ‘beautiful on the outside’ deals, the internals have been given the Gucci treatment also. The internals feature a PDI 6.01mm Inner barrel, RA-tech hop-up unit and a sensitive hair trigger.

Did we mention that it’s gas powered? This means easy bolt action, for quick follow up shots and remained concealment.

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