10 Things For Getting Back Into Airsoft

1st Jul 2021

10 Things For Getting Back Into Airsoft

Whether you are a returning enthusiast or someone looking to get into airsoft after lockdown there are a few things you need to ensure you have in your kit bag so you can get right back into the action! Now depending on what equipment you have already and what kind of airsoft gun you choose to use, the things you might need to give you the best airsoft experience off the bat may vary but here is a list of 10 things you should get to jumpstart your airsoft career.


Airsoft Safety goggles




When it comes to airsoft, safety is the main priority to ensure everyone can have a great time. Before you can start playing, you will be required to wear proper safety goggles. There are a couple of different styles you can choose from with the most popular being clear multi-layered plastic and the second being a mesh style goggle. A disadvantage of mesh goggles, they are darker and slightly harder to see out of. However plastic goggles are easier to see out of but can fog up. Whichever you choose you must have your goggles to be ready to play.


Mesh safety mask/gum shield






Whilst mouth protection is not always mandatory at airsoft sites, we think they should be at the top of any kit list for any airsofter. There are a couple of options for this,depending on your preference. The first is a metal mesh mask which will protect your entire face and nose as well from incoming fire. Alternatively, to protect your teeth you can wear a top-bottom gum shield but this will not protect your face.



Hydration bladder


Defense.gov News Photo 061118-M-0374B-009


Coming into summer with warmer weather (hopefully) and all the exercise airsoft requires it is important to stay hydrated. Whilst carrying a bottle is possible, they can swing and get in the way when trying to manoeuvre in a game. An easy fix to this is a hydration bladder which is a water bottle backpack with a mouthpiece you can use whilst wearing it. This means you will not have to stop or be hindered by a standard bottle.


Batteries, batteries and more batteries


Most larger airsoft rifles are battery powered meaning you must be prepared for your batteries to die. If you are a new player then you should make sure you have 2-3 spare batteries for a day of airsoft depending on how thirsty your rifle is for power. For returning airsofters – it is important to check all your batteries and their condition. If over lockdown they were not charged regularly there is a chance they could have slowly died meaning they may not hold their full charge. It is worth checking before you get left out of juice in the field.




Predator Ultra Gas by Abbey Supply


If your gun does not take batteries, there is a good chance you need Gas to power it. There are many different brands and types of gas so make sure you do some research and pick the best one for you. It is sometimes a smart idea to have a large bottle for use at home and the beginning of the day and a small bottle which will be much easier to carry when playing for refills in the field.


Magazines and easy fillers


High capacity magazine


There is nothing more frustrating than being in a firefight and running out of ammo and there are 2 ways to make sure you are always ready. The first is making sure you have got spare magazines for your gun; it is much faster to change magazine than refill your empty ones. There is a limit to the number you can carry however and that is when a fast loader comes in handy. With one of these, you can quickly refill your spent magazines when you get the chance. So, if you want the most seamless airsoft experience being prepared is the best way possible.


Body Rigging


milsim airsoft           


With all your gas, magazines and quick fillers, you might be wondering where you’re going to keep all of this. With body rigging, you can hold an impressive amount of equipment including extras like grenades. If you do not want your pockets bulging, this is the best way to spread out the weight in a way that you can easily access anything you need. These rigs come in all different colours and styles with some even being customisable using Velcro meaning equipment you have you can store how you want it!


Appropriate camouflage


Ghillie sniper


Whether you are returning to your regular airsoft grounds, somewhere new or it is your first time playing,  you will want to choose your clothing to match. Playing in a forest you should make sure you have standard RGB camo meaning it has red, green and brown or for a dryer forest with less dark colours the multi-terrain pattern may be more appropriate. Of course, with an indoor arena, it may be more appropriate to wear black and more urban colours to make sure you do not stand out. Wherever you play you can blend in with proper preparation.




BB pellets


Without BBs there would be no airsoft so making sure you keep your stash full is important. If you are new to airsoft standard BBs will do just perfectly until you have figured out your gun and your play style, they come in all sorts of weights and colours from lightweight white one to the heavier more accurate black BBs. Changing your BBs can mean your bullets will fly straighter, travel a further distance and even be harder to see when firing to hide your location. You could just stop there but if you wanted to go a step further you could use glow in the dark or tracer bullets, these options make it easier to follow your pellets in low light situations.


Cleaning and maintenance equipment


Silicone Gun Oil 35 Spray by Abbey Supply


The most important part of owning and using an airsoft gun is the cleaning and maintaining its condition. Whether you have not used it in months or it is a brand-new gun it’s a good idea to clean your rifle before and after use. Dirt, dust and mud will get into your gun and over time could lead to damage and performance issues so cleaning it properly is essential. You can use Grease and silicone spray once you have cleaned it to reduce wear and make sure your gun is performing optimally.


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