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Kirsty Beach, Marketing Manager of Sportsmarketing has been selling Abbey Products for over a decade
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Air Rifle Cleaning Products and Lubricants

During the 1970’s there were no specialist lubricants available for airguns and this resulted in several problems including the dangerous 'dieseling' effect caused from using conventional mineral oils.

The 'dieseling' effect is the result of heat, compressed air and oil combining which can then create an explosion inside the gun. This can be extremely dangerous as the explosion causes extreme pressure which the weapon may not be able to withstand and, naturally, this can cause damage to your gun.

Abbey Supply was formed to supply airgunners of all skill levels with the lubricants they require to achieve optimal performance for their weapon whilst staying free of 'dieseling'.

We now produce numerous products including greases, oils and sprays in addition to our lubricants as well as a guncare range for maintaining your weapon's appearance and condition.


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A quality impregnated cloth for that well cared for look.Sportscloth1


Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 ThumbAbbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 is a high quality silicone lubricant which protects and lubricates your guns for the best performance possible as well as preventing build-ups of rain and moisture.


Abbey Multi Coated Lens CleanerAbbey Multi Coated Lens Cleaner is able to demist equipment whilst remaining smear-free. This is hugely beneficial as your googles, glasses and scopes will remain clear for longer.


Our microber cloth cleans away dirt, dust and other unnwanted materials without scratching or damaging your equipment.Abbey Lens Cloth


Provides a deep, even blueing of gun barrels and other metal parts quickly and easily. Abbey Blu Gel 


Abbey Degreasing Spray ThumbAbbey Degreasing Spray is recommended for servicing all airsoft guns. It helps to quickly and easily remove both mineral and silicone based greases for more efficient servicing of your weapons.


Abbey Stock FinishHelps to keep your airgun's stock in pristine condition as well as preventing from damage caused by knocks and abrasions. 

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Kirsty Beach, Marketing Manager of Sportsmarketing has been selling Abbey Products for over a decade

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"We find that Abbey products are one of our fastest selling lines"
 Gill Peters MD of Range Right Ltd 




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