Airsoft: What to Do in Cold Weather

15th Feb 2016

Airsoft: What to Do in Cold Weather

For many people, winter can seem like the perfect time to wrap up warm and hibernate inside until March makes its annual springtime appearance.

However, for dedicated airsoft players all over the world, this chilly season is just another quarter of the year in which skirmishes can be played despite the challenges the cold weather brings with it.

Here are some handy tips on how to remain operational even during the coldest months of the year.

1. Use Higher Powered Gas

Because they rely on propellant gases for power, cold climates can be extremely detrimental to the performance of airsoft guns. As temperatures decrease, the gas pressure reduces which causes a decline in the guns resultant potential velocity.

To counteract this unavoidable phenomenon, use a higher powered gas. Products such as Vertex Gas are designed to offer unrivalled power which can compensate for the effects of cold weather and help your shots stay on target.

In addition, reducing the weight of the BBs used can also help increase their effective range as less power is required to fire lighter versions.

2. Use Stronger Guns

Cheap plastics guns become more and more brittle as the weather gets colder and therefore run the risk of damage and cracking.

Rather than giving up for winter entirely, invest money into a premium gun comprised of more durable plastic and/or metal parts. These weapons will be much less affected by changes in the weather and will therefore be more resistant to damage.

3. Wrap up Warm

This may sound like obvious advice but keeping warm during a weekend of skirmishes is crucial, not only in terms of your performance, but also for your health. Winning a game is worth nothing if you contract hypothermia doing it!

Wearing additional layers throughout the course of the game is essential to ensure you stay warm. Furthermore, keeping your extremities covered is important for heat preservation so make sure to pack thick socks, gloves and a hat if you have them.

Snowfall can occur in many countries during winter and this can provide smart soldiers with tactical opportunities. Make sure to equip clothing with white camouflage to stay hidden amongst the landscape as this will give you an advantage over less well prepared players.

4. Stock up on Food and Drink

Consuming wholesome foods and staying hydrated will keep your body functioning properly throughout the game and provide you with all the energy you need to stay alert and focused.

This is especially important during the winter as the cold temperatures will present a far more demanding environment for your body adapt to.

Although winter is one of the more challenging seasons for airsoft players, don’t rule it out. With some simple changes to your clothing and equipment (as well as a big pre-game meal), you can easily stay warm and fire accurate, powerful shots with a well-maintained, optimised airsoft gun.

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