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What is Degreasing Spray?

 6th Feb 2018


When doing anything technical, cleanliness is the key. You could be working on computers, taking apart an engine or repainting a bicycle, whatever the task; it becomes very difficult if you’re not working cleanly.

The same is true when working on firearms, air rifles and airsoft guns. The internals are incredibly small and fiddly – working on them becomes much harder when they’re weirdly slippery and sticky at the same time. Not to mention the potential safety implications of a malfunctioning firearm.

In addition, when it comes to finishing a weapon – be it repainting or bluing – the surface needs to be completely free from contaminants. This means no dusts, oil, grease, fingerprints, moisture etc. Anything on the surface will ruin the finish and mean you need to start again.

Finally, finger prints are oily, greasy and acidic. Leaving one on the surface of your firearm will permanently damage the surface finish of the weapon. It’s not going to destroy it and make it malfunction, but it will tarnish and devalue the weapon.

This is what Degreasing Spray is for

Degreasing spray is a product of ours, specifically designed to clean and remove oil and grease from firearms, air rifles and airsoft weapons.

Many degreasing sprays on the market are perfectly good for removing traditional oil and grease from parts and weapons, such as mineral oil. However, in the firearm and airsoft industry, we often use silicone based lubricants. Silicone lubricants are not formulated in the same way that other lubricants are, so they’re much harder to remove with traditional degreasers.

Luckily, our degreasing spray is designed to tackle silicone oils as effectively as it tackles any other kinds of lubricants. This means you can use our degreaser to clean all the parts of your weapon, without worry that it will miss anything.  

Once you’ve thoroughly degreased your part, you’re free to re-finish or re-lubricate using your desired products, without worry of contamination.

About Abbey Degreasing Spray

As mentioned, our degreasing spray is formulated to work on silicone based lubricants, but that’s not all that makes it special. Our degreasing sprays come in handy 150ml bottles, so you can take it with you when shooting and remove any corrosive finger prints when you’re done – combined with our sportsman cloth, it’s the perfect combo.

Our degreasing spray is designed specifically for use on firearms. Not only does it remove silicone based lubricants, but it won’t harm metal and plastic and it won’t remove bluing, chrome or any other finish.

If you’re interested in picking up Abbey Degreasing Spray, you can find your nearest retailer on our retailers page.

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