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 4th Mar 2004

Took the new gas out to the field this weekend and couldn't wait to try it out.  Thumbs up all around!  Abbey has produced Airsoft Propellants that will bring a smile to everyone's face, a welcomed alternative to many of the cheaper Gases on the market.

Qualities yet to be found on other Airsoft Gases, ALL Abbey Propellants feature Nylon Fill nozzles, REAL Re-closeable Cans! (to protect nozzles), Low (pleasant) Odors, Correct Lube Content, and Generous amounts of Propellant in a Stout Can.

Abbey Predator Gun Gas 134a - Many people have a difficult time finding this type of gas, often called duster or 134a.  Funny though, because if you are using any type of stock Japanese blowback (Western Arms, Marushin, Maruzen, etc.) pistol or rifle, this is the only type of gas that should be used.  Going to the local Office Depot to purchase duster gas for your guns?  While this may be the same type of gas propellant, it does not have any lube in it, and of course do not have the correct valves.  Same goes for the black No-Name cans of Forane 134a, no lube and a leak-friendly metal valve which can possibly damage your mag's fill valve. All Abbey's Airsoft Gas contains UPL, a high specification, high pressure gas lubricant. It is specially designed to keep the seals and internals of you guns working properly.

Abbey Predator Maintenance Gas is also real winner, magazines and pistols can be properly lubed in no time!  With a short fill and about 5-10 rounds later, your mag seals and pistol valves have been properly lubed.  Great for quick maintenance before, during, or after a game.

Finally, for the power hungry, Abbey produces the Predator Ultra Gas; an alternative to Green Gas.  Once again, just the correct amount of Abbey's UPL high specification oil in the mix, has this gas performing just as good as the other guys.  Although the label is red, this is not "RED GAS," which is too powerful for most types of gas blowback anyway.  Recommended only for upgraded Japanese guns, this can will go a long way and without the harsh smell!

Thanks to Chris and everyone else at Abbey Supply, we were able to quickly and easily procure our first shipment all the way to Honolulu, Hawaii.  The complete line of Abbey Airsoft Gases and other Airsoft related parts will shortly be available on-line at 888's Airsoft:



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